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Nursing Nurses and First Responders Back to Health

Supporting women on the Frontlines transform the way they show up for themselves and their families

Do you feel like your quality of life is suffering because you are a Nurse or First Responder?

Do you feel like you are living in survival mode?   


Are you resentful and pissed off that your career has taken over your life? 

Imagine Your Life Where These are NO More.....

  • Sleepless nights where you stare at the ceiling and count the days until you retire
  • Binge eating and watching Netflix on your days off because you are so exhausted
  • Living each day in your yoga pants because you can't button up your jeans
  • Using "skip the Dishes" EVERYDAY because you can't even think about meal prep for your family
  • Getting into you car after your shift and wishing you could just drive the opposite direction of your home
  • Showing up for your shift and wanting to "throat punch" your colleagues
  • Signing up for the exercise classes and wasting your money because you don't have the energy to attend
  • Yelling at your kids because they want to play and you just want to "veg out"
  • Pouring yourself a glass of wine at the end of your day to numb the emotions and guilt you feel about all the "things" you can't get done
  • Feel ashamed that you are working on the "Frontlines" and yet your own life is a disaster
  • Feeling hopeless that things will never change

Nice to Meet You!!!

Hi! I’m Shannon,  Registered Nurse, Certified HeartMath Practitioner, Certified in Emotional Freedom Technique and a Female Empowerment Coach. 


I work with women, just like you, who's career as a First Responder has left them feeling like a mere shell of themselves.  These brave women are ready to move out of the cycle of overwhelm and feeling the ill-effects of stress's your time to take back your life.   

Welcome to  my .........

Three Pillar Approach to Healing Burnout 

Circadian Rhythm Repair

This is your interal clock.  As a First responders your body is required to work at a level than most other women can't even comprehend.   A dysregulated circadian rhythm affects your sleep-wake cycle, your temperature, your hormones and neurotransmitters.  A synchronized circadian rhythm decreased stress in your body


Nervous System Regulation

One of the secrets of health is to reclaim your nervous system.  When you are in control you are literally in control of all your organs, cells and biochemical processes.  I teach you how to take control and reach a deep state of healing through HeartMath and Emotional Freedom Technique

Trauma Response Recovery

You are superwoman who has seen and witnessed more than you ever thought possible.  Over time the stress can take a toll on your mental and physical health.   Often we just push it aside, thinking that "it's part of the job" and never deal with the big emotions.   I use the Emotional Freedom Technique to help you work through the trauma of being a human working as a First Responder.

There is another option that doesn't include abandoning your career and will allow you to........

  • Handle day to day stress with ease
  • look and feel the best you've ever felt
  • have enough energy to play with your kids on your day off
  • sleep throughout the night and wake up rested
  • leave work at work  without the guilt
  • stop sacrificing your own well being
  • ​have confidence in your decisions
  • have great boundaries with your time and energy
  • not feel bloated and gassy on night shifts
  • have enough energy to cook beautiful healthy meals for your family
  • feel gratitude for your blessings
  • balance your stress hormones
  • improve your blood pressure 


 Look, you don't need to "feel ready" to get started. 

You literally just need to start

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